Adaptation to Climate-change Induced Water Stress in the Nile Basin: A Vulnerability Assessment Report

Aline G. Uwonkunda, Anil Hooda, Bhanuprakash Nagaraju, Dipendra Giri, Eugene Apindi Ochieng, Henok Alemu, Mary Goreti Kitutu, Washington Ochola


This report is an output of the UNEP project Adapting to Climate-change Induced Water Stress in the Nile River Basin and was produced in collaboration with the Nile Basin Initiative, the Nile Basin Partner States, the UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment and the Global Water Partnership (GWP). This publication makes use of satellite data (past and present), maps, photographs and other illustrations to highlight areas of environmental change in the Nile basin. These visual elements are accompanied by a narrative that describes, analyses and demonstrates how climate change is affecting the water resources of the Nile Basin. The compilation of this information culled from a variety of sources, provides a rich synthesis of qualitative and quantitative policy and scientific data in one place.

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