Groundwater and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa: A short investigation highlighting outstanding knowledge gaps

Produced on behalf of Skat Foundation (UPGro Knowledge Broker) project number 40805.40-2017; funded by NERC


This study was proposed, led, managed and administered by the Knowledge Broker team of the UPGro research programme. A team of researchers and consultants drawn from the UPGro projects and beyond undertook the work over a very short period between January and March 2017. This report is the outcome of their work. The main contributors to this report are as follows (in alphabetical order): Anthony Baguma(1), Alfred Bizoza(1), Richard Carter(2), Sue Cavill(3), Stephen Foster(4), Tim Foster(5), Guy Jobbins(6), Rob Hope(7), Jacob Katuva(7), Johanna Koehler(7), Andrew Shepherd(6), Alexandre Simons(1). The report was assembled and produced by the project manager, Richard Carter (, on whom rests all responsibility for errors and omissions.

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